Let's Talk Bachelor: Episode 1

First, I don't want to spoil it for anyone, so here are the links to the full episode on Hulu.

Second, a quick note to people who mock Bachelor & Bachelorette fans.

We know it's not 100% real. Nothing on TV is. It's drama. It's hilarious. It's shocking. It's like living in a cheesy romance novel at times. We love it. Get over it.

Recap & Commentary

Brad Womack: changed man, king of soul-searching, 3 years of therapy, his actual therapist confirms, daddy issues, envious of his brother's happy lives, self-proclaimed "luckiest guy on the planet" for getting a second chance at love, really really really buff, kind of has ape arms

DeAnna & Jenny (first surprise!): talk about holding a grudge! both are now engaged/married, say they are supportive of Brad but are skeptical that he really is a changed man

The 30 Ladies: lots of ashley's & sarah's, a few divorced women, a few single mom's, a manscaper, a funeral director & embalmer, a model who likes to wear fangs (or are they her actual teeth?), a lot of fake boobs, bleached hair & southern accents

Second Surprise: the ladies supposedly don't know the bachelor is Brad! However, most of them just happen to know catchy things to say to him as soon as they step out of the limo. Hmmm...

Quotes of the Night

"Wow! This is gonna be an interesting season!" - Tim

"Finding a boyfriend is like finding a great pair of shoes" - One of the 30 hopefuls

Weirdest Outfit: short black dress with crazy pink platforms (she's in fashion, I get it, still weird considering most of the attire was evening gowns)

Cutest Outfit: the girl from Kansas who wore sparkly, red pumps (ruby slippers, get it?)
My first tears of the season: when we met the girl who's former husband, Ricky, died in a plane crash. Shortly after, she found out she was pregnant. Named her daughter after her husband. (I'd also like to thank her for not telling Brad this depressing story on night 1)

He sent 10 home last night. They all cried. Either because they wanted to fall in love with Brad, or because they have to go back to their regular jobs. Or both.

Leave me a comment with your thoughts about the season premier!

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