I want to wash my hands, my face, my hair with snowwwww!

The meteorologists were wrong again.
We woke up to heavy snow, which has already dumped 5+ inches on us.
I called my boss and told her that commuting to work just wasn't in the cards for me today. My little Honda Civic wasn't having it. Tim didn't go to work either, so we're having ourselves a semi-lazy little snow day!

We shoveled our front sidewalk (and our neighbors, too, aren't we nice?) and then paid the parking meters for the rest of the day. Yep... the parking ticket jerks were out giving tickets in a snow storm. We went up to the 6th level of the parking garage for kicks 'cause that's where we got engaged during a snow storm back in December of '09. 

We even came back & had an old fashioned snow ball fight while shoveling the walkway behind our apartment building.
The Cheese Ball Award goes to Meg & Tim!
I got Tim in the man parts. 
And then I took a well-deserved snowball to the head.

The worst of the snow isn't starting until around 5pm. We might get up to a foot! 
(That's a lot for around these parts, we are snow wussies)

As long as the runways at the Philly airport are cleared by Friday morning, we're happy.
We are heading to Miami for the weekend. 
My skin needs some vitamin D real bad. It's fed up with this climate.


  1. omg. i so wish i could see snow! it looks so beautiful. over here in san.antonio, texas we had a week of rain. everyone was soo grumpy. i was craving vitamin D bad. so this caused us to book a trip to cancun. lol!

  2. Miami?! Jealous. There is always an abundance of snow here in Ohio. Florida is sounding amazing right about now!

  3. oh, youre so lucky!
    granted, id rather have summer than snow, but all ive got is ice. slush. and some more ice.
    id take your snow piles anyday.

  4. Yes yes... Miami. I need this so bad. The CEO of my company found out we weren't taking a honeymoon (wedding was right around Christmas... decided to save the money for a house instead) and he is letting us stay at his condo on Miami Beach... with airfare, food & drinks included. We obviously couldn't refuse! I am truly blessed to work for such a wonderful (and wealthy) guy!


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