Keeping Up & a Monday Outfit

[Sweater: old navy/ Shirt: bitten by SJP/Skirt: gap/Belt: old navy/Tights: forever21/Heels: payless]
Ahhh, the good old "self-pic in the mirror."
It's the best I can do for now with my crappy '07 digital camera.
Our goal is to have a nice SLR by the time we have kids. Can't have those memories looking grainy & discolored.

This outfit was the best I could throw together on a Monday. The Monday after I consumed an entire bottle of wine. WHYYYYYYY?! I might go get myself a Winona Wino tattoo like Johnny Depp soon.

I used to hate the way button down shirts felt. But lately, I've become more accepting of them. And I seriously need a new cardigan. This one is from Old Navy circa 2006. Loving my new black tights though. They go with ev-er-y-thin-g.


Currently Reading: Kardashian Konfidential

It keeps me entertained during my lunch breaks. And it's actually pretty cute! 
It's like reading a book written by the big sisters I never had.
I recommend it if you need a quick, fun read and don't feel like getting into anything deep or philosophical. And if you loooove the Kardashian/Jenner clan like me :-) 
Don't be ashamed.


  1. Knock off the wine or you'll never get into the "Hip Young Mormon Bloggers Club"!

  2. mmmm WINE! I can totally drink a whole bottle of sweet red wine all alone & don't ever leave me alone with sangria..it's mine all mine.

    Okay..i've officially become your blog stalker. lol.

    i <3 Kim K & the Dash clan. i'm glad someone else shares my obsession with them. LOL.


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