Fact: facials make you break out

Sad, but true you guys. Facials are so delightful when you're getting them, and then two days later... wham bam! Bumps all over your face. I had heard this rumor before, and even made sure to tell the esthetician that I had sensitive/oily/break-out-prone skin.  I figured if she tailored the treatments to my skin type it would all be gravy. Whelp. I was wrong! 

But I didn't let a little adult acne ruin my weekend. No sir-ee! Or snow. 
Because it snowed on Friday morning... and then later that night.

We went to see our friends' band play on Friday night. I had some sassy heels on until Tim reminded me that the sidewalks were solid sheets of ice. Buzz kill. I wore my riding boots instead (and did not fall on my butt). 
Good call, babe.

On Saturday afternoon, we bundled up and frolicked around town in the snow, running errands and whatnot. Snow is so pretty when you don't have to drive in it. 'Cause I white-knuckle it in the snow and fear that death awaits me around every curve. I'm the person driving 10 mph that you hate. 
You're welcome.

We swung by my parents house to wish them a joint "Happy Birthday!" and dropped off some delicious Carlino's cheese cake. One piece was mint-chocolate flavored and literally smothered in chocolate sauce. Drool.

Saturday night was our very first GAME NIGHT! We brought over some new games we got for Christmas to Josh & Ashlee's new apartment (conveniently located 2 blocks behind us) and we ended up playing ALL of them. Hardcore game night. That's how we roll.

[How much do you love their coffee table? The ends are pull-out drawers. Hello, storage!]

And on Sunday, we rested.


We got our new bed! Well, new to us. It was a queen-sized Ikea bed frame that my parents weren't using anymore and it looked oh-so lonely in their basement. 

[Husband hard at work taking apart the old bed]
[The reason why we needed a new bed. 3 years & 3 moves. I forgive you, bed.]

Click here to revisit the old bed.

 Good riddance!



  1. Really like the bed. You have it looking beautiful. We love a good game night also. So much fun. Just found your blog. Love it!

  2. Thank you so much!! My blog is all of one month old, thanks for reading :-)


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