It's another... Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

First, I'd like to give a shout out to Sydney for coming up with the whole "awkward & awesome thursdays" idea... they are by far my favorite posts to write! And that Traveling Bag makes me want to be a purse-snatcher. You better hold on to that thing tight... 'cause I'm sure I'm not the only one eyeing it up right now.



 - Being one of the only women at my office who attempts to dress nice for work. Since when is a fleece pullover considered business casual? That awkwardness should be on you, not me, lady! And yeah, I totally caught you playing free cell on your computer yesterday.

- Bathroom air freshener. It never really covers up the smell... and yet we continue to use it.

- When I try to relate to co-workers and end up making them feel terrible about their age. Maybe because I say things like, "Oh yeah, my Mom used to do that, too!" I'm sorry, I am 25 years younger than you, and we will never be able to make conversation about something that happened in the 1970's.

- My attempts at taking pictures of my outfits in the morning with my iPhone. I'm slightly embarrassed to even post them.

- Still needing my Dad's help doing taxes. Even while using Turbo Tax...

- Walking 3 blocks to my car the day after a snowstorm... in heels. I looked like a baby deer learning how to walk for the first time. Cars had to slow down for me.

- Having to tell the IT guy your password so he can log-on when something goes wrong with your computer. "It's umm... TimmyCuteButt32." (You force us to pick something with upper & lowercase letters & numbers and it's the first thing I thought of, okay?!)

- Leaving voicemails for people and still giving my maiden name. Sorry, Tim!


- I finally drink my coffee black. Cutting out those sugar & creamer calories feels gooooood!

- Rocking purple tights at work. It's not specifically forbidden in the dress code... so...

- ING checking accounts. Okay, a bit of a plug because my brother works there, but seriously, they are awesome. I can set up all of my bills to be paid online and then it gets done automatically on whatever day I choose. Bye bye late fees, writing checks & using stamps!

- Looking through old photos of yourself as a little kid with your husband and hearing him say, "We are gonna have the best looking babies ever!"

- BUT... the fact that we currently do not have a baby is also awesome. Sometimes we want one... and then sometimes we'll be out and we'll look at each other and say, "We couldn't be doing this right now if we had kids!" and then give a loud, triumphant laugh.

- The fact that the days are only going to get longer from here on out... slowly but surely there will be daylight when I leave work at 5 pm.


Have a TREMENDOUS Thursday, my lovely blog readers!


  1. I love your awkward/awesome moments!

    And I also think that currently not having a baby is awesome.
    Everytime my hubby and I wake up at 10:30 on a Saturday morning, my first words are, "Aren't you soooo soooo happy we don't have babies yet?!" Then we stay in our PJs and do whatever we want for the rest of the weekend. Glorious.

  2. Ahh yes, we do the same thing on a lazy Saturday morning as well! My mom always says, "You know you're ready for kids when you've had enough sleep & enough sex." And so far, no, no we have not ;-) Thanks for your comment & for following!

  3. Loved your awkward and awesome list!
    I am so ready for more daylight and sunshine!..Im kinda over the cold and snow...and paying bills online is the BEST!! I just started doing that to and I love it!!

  4. yay for rocking the purple tights at work!


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