Fab 5 Friday!

[The very first edition!]
As if Fridays weren't fabulous enough to begin with, I've gone ahead and decided to do a weekly post about five things I love. It snowed last night, everyone is very angry about the state of the roads, so I'm going to attempt to brighten your day by reminding you about some little things that make life better.

1. Changing Up Decor

I probably do this way too much, but hey, it makes me happy. You don't have to buy anything new. Just by moving decor around, repositioning things & rotating in some seasonal items, it will give you a whole new perspective on a room that's getting boring. I also like to grab my duster and get that chore out of the way at the same time.

2. Snow Covered Trees

My drive to work this morning was pretty terrible, but the view from my office is quite lovely!

3. Black Pencil Skirts

This was one of the best clothing investments I've ever made. And by investment, I mean it cost $40. (That's a lot for me to spend on one piece!) So versatile, fits perfectly and easy to wash. I wear it to work with a button down shirt & flats. Then wear it out to dinner with a flowy tank top & pumps.

4. Farmhouse-Style Dining Tables

[See Apartment Therapy for more of this beautiful home]

I love the roominess of the benches and the vintage-feel of the wood. It really makes a great focal point for the room, especially with the top painted red.

5. Layering Tanks

[Old Navy - $10.50]

Oh man, do I love these! I don't know when it started, but I have this thing where I have to wear a built-in bra cami under everything. They're perfect for work because I can wear low-cut tops without feeling like a hussy, and also great for thin button-downs in light colors. I don't need my co-workers seeing my bra straps. I have almost every color, but my black & white camis get the most wear. I have a black & white obsession. I hope my colored camis understand!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend, everyone!

If all goes to plan, Tim and I will have our new bed set up, lots of pictures from Longwood Gardens and our sad, dead Christmas tree out back by the dumpster. So long, friend. You were so pretty over the holidays. But you're dropping needles everywhere and getting on my nerves.

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