Snow Day Numero Dos

We had THUNDERSNOW last night.
That's when it's snowing, and there is thunder & lightening at the same time.
Mother Nature dumped about 10 more inches of snow on us.
She's being a real jerk lately.

My office is closed.
Tim could get a ride to work... but there are no cars to work on if he did go in.

The county courthouse is closed, therefore, the parking garage is free today.
Our cars have been there since Tuesday night.
We don't have to dig them out which is ah-mazing.

So what are we doing today?
A whole lotta nothing!

We went out for breakfast to our favorite place which is conveniently located two blocks away.

[1776... a good year for America.]
A bunch of crazies were out driving on the unplowed streets.
Mainly Jeeps & SUV's.
We stood & watched a sedan attempt to get out of it's parking spot.
(So helpful, we are.)
They were not successful.

So far, Southwest's website says our flight is ON TIME for tomorrow morning at 9am.
Let's hope it stays that way. 
We need to get the heck out of here!


  1. Um, yum! I want those wafflesssss(:

  2. ahh this sounds awesome. Can I get a snow day with my favorite breakfast place over here, okay more like can I get a sunny day with no work and my favorite breakfast place?!
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