Scarf Obsession

Around the month of October, I break out my scarves. There is just something about a warm neck that tricks the rest of your body into thinking it's warm. I've even worn shorts or short-sleeved shirts with a scarf, that's how much I love them. People probably think I'm trying to cover up some hideous scar on my neck, or weird fat rolls like that of Kimora Lee Simmons.

But no, I just love them. They can be tied in so many different ways, and like I've mentioned before, they really help to add some color to the all-black outfits I find myself in.

And it's not just me. One of my favorite style icons, Jennifer Aniston, also seems to be a little scarf obsessed. (Or as my Mom would call her, "horse face.")

But anyways... who cares about celebrities?! This is my blog!

I now present to you... MY COLLECTION.
Top: green pashmina (gift from Jackie)
2nd Row: mustard infinity scarf (strawberry country, etsy); orange & black cashmere scarves (green dragon market); gray fleece scarf (old navy)
3rd Row: black pashmina (macy's); gray fuzzy scarf (made by my mom); gem-tone multicolored scarf (gift from San Francisco); bright multicolored scarf (old navy)
[Wins "most worn" award]
[Wins "best knock-offs" award. Not real cashmere.]
[Wins "favorite colors" award. Thanks, Mom!]
Last night, after I gazed lovingly at my scarf collection for several more minutes, my husband and I scarfed down some food (get it?!) It was a "breakfast for dinner" kinda night. For some reason, snow storms make me want breakfast. It's a weather phenomenon.

[Spinach & Cheese Scramble]

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