Go Go Gadget

I just did that thing where you say a word aloud over and over again until it sounds like a foreign language. Gadget. Gadget. GADget. GadGET. GAD-GET.

I hate most gadgets. Like anything in Sharper Image. Meh, not interested. I don't care about having the latest cell phone, laptop, GPS, etc. We have a GPS. It's called Mapquest & a printer. My iPhone (version 1) is slowy mcslowersons. Whatever.

However, one type of gadget owns my heart.


Heaven to me looks like the looooong kitchen gadget aisle in Target. With Tim standing at the end, holding a beautiful array of colorful spatulas. And Bob Marley playing steel drums. Ron Burgundy is also in there somewhere.

Anyways, I was so pumped when I got my mail yesterday and found a rewards card from Macy's worth roughly $100. Apparently back when we were registering for wedding gifts, I signed up for some program where you get a % in cash back as a reward when people buy certain things off of your registry. Totally forgot about it!
I immediately went bananas on Macy's.com.

These beauties will be arriving shortly:

(And I didn't even mean to buy all Martha Stewart brand products. It just worked out like that!
She is greatest, you really can't blame me.)

[Photo credits: Macys.com]

Most of them will replace cheap-o versions of a similar product I bought back in college at Dollar Tree. They'll be taking a trip to Goodwill or the dumpster!

I'll admit, some kitchen gadgets are just pointless.

I won't waste money on an avocado peeler. It's just as easy to use a knife & a spoon. I recently ditched my dish drainer, too. We have a dishwasher, and anything I wash by hand I just lay on a dish towel to dry (or dry by hand and put away immediately). No more unsightly rack gathering slime & taking up my valuable counter space! Strawberry stem remover, also dumb. I even saw a corn on the cob kernel scraper. Um, hi, it's called using a knife. We are even thinking about losing the tea kettle. Our new coffee maker has a hot water dispenser that is quite handy.

Wow, this post is making me want to re-evaluate my whole gadget drawer. It's jam packed and I'm thinking, do I really need 6 different wooden spoons? That is one area I struggle with keeping organized.

Instead of watching the State of the Union tonight (we already know, it's bad) I think I'll tackle that drawer!

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  1. This entire post made me laugh. :)

    I, too, think kitchen gadgets (you're right, VERY weird word) are amazing but usually unnecessary. One day, however, we will be rich ol' ladies who own the entire pampered chef catalogue.

    A transparent toaster? Yes please! I like to watch my bread toast. The poultry lifter? Don't mind if I do! I hate using oven mitts!



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