Let's Talk Bachelor: Episode 2


The Bachelor is already cat fight central, but Brad put a swift end to that last night by eliminating the two feuding ladies. I was proud of him. If you're too wrapped up in dissing each other, you're obviously not picturing Brad shirtless like you should be.

The first individual date was given to Ashley H. who I really like. She's cute, fun, and how adorable was that silver & yellow dress? It said I'm futuristic but fancy free. Brad & Ashley (can I call you Ash?) had their very own carnival... all to themselves. Am I the only one who thinks this would be a little awkward? Good thing they had cotton candy & white wine to break the silence. And a ferris wheel to makeout on.

Brad gets real introspective during an interview and states,
"I like this girl. I like this girl a lot."
She gets the rose.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, the 19 gals left behind FREAK OUT when the next date card arrives. The first group date invites 15 girls to film public service accouncements for the American Red Cross. Naturally, each skit requires skanky costumes and a ton of makeout scenes. Including a threesome on a bed with Brad.

Umm... yeah.

During the entire first group date, Michelle (the birthday girl, above), won't stop whining about how it's her 30th birthday (not her 29th, not her 31st, her 30th) and how she should get one-on-one time with Brad simply for that reason. Then she hijacks the camera crew by storming off during Red Cross scene filming, and of course Brad follows her & her gargantuan turquoise necklace.

Later that night, when the 15 ladies and Brad are having a private roof-top pool party (naturally), Michelle takes Brad aside and get's all serious with him. She says deep things like "You have walls" and asks "What's your greatest fear?"

Michelle of course gets the rose. Then stares creepily at everyone while waving the rose around in the pool. What was THAT all about?

Brad chooses Jackie (who I also love) for his second individual date. He gives her the "pretty woman experience" complete with spa treatments, a room of designer gowns to choose from, a hair & makeup artist and Neil Lane diamonds. They take a town car to a live music venue, eat dinner on stage and then whata ya know... they get a live performance from Train.

Are these dates getting predictable or what? I remember Jake & Ali doing the same thing. They kissed. Nothing too memorable about the date. They're both good looking, so of course they're going to have a great time. She gets the rose.

During the cocktail party on elimination night, it's Raichel v. Melissa, round 14, ding ding ding! And neither of them will stop crying. Ladies, when you cry, you look so unattractive & all your eye makeup comes off. Guys don't like hearing about your drama.

Michelle, who I'm starting to think is mentally unstable, pulls Brad aside during the cocktail party to ask him some pressing questions. We learned that he prefers Starbucks over the Coffee Bean and that he keeps his fridge stocked with eggs, turkey & water.

Oh and I almost forgot! Ali & Roberto (my faves!) came back to meet with each of the ladies and dish the dirt to Brad. They seem to really like Emily (has a daughter, sad past) and Brad ends up giving her a rose before the elimination.

[How cute are they?!]
Raichel, Melissa & Keltie get sent home. Keltie (the radio city rockette) is super bummed and proclaims that she's giving up on love. I predict a lot of fan mail headed her way from dudes who like a girl with a mean high kick.

Until next Monday...

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  1. I was proud of brad too at that momemt I was HECK YA you DID!!! :D and michelle I think she needs to go too for one she is an odd ball or like you said 'mentally unstable' I think YES! and a little too into herself.... Loved this post I am now going to follow you!! your so fun! love your blog :)


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