big girl bed

When I got my first apartment after college, I decided I wanted a fun & funky duvet cover for my new queen-sized bed. I wasn't thinking long term (when do 20-something's ever?) and got one that was all kinds of crazy colors that was impossible to match anything to. Hence the weird, green pillow. There is actually green somewhere in the duvet cover, I swear.

Red, purple, green, orange... buh bye.

Now that I'm a Mrs., it's time to upgrade. Not price-wise, but color-wise! We picked out a soft white duvet cover with matching shams from Overstock and can't wait to get it washed and on the bed. I feel like it could be life changing. Additionally, we're getting rid of this bed frame. Not that we don't like it & it's clever park-bench feel, but it's cracking right down the side. I'm actually scared to flop down on it because the crack in the particleboard keeps getting bigger. But, it lasted through 3 years and 3 moves, so I can't really complain.

Instead of buying a new one, we're going shopping in my parents basement to replace it. They have a lovely iron headboard & footboard from Ikea just hanging out down there which I think will nicely accent our new mature color-scheme.

Oh, and it's FREE.
That's the best kind of shopping!

Our new bed, minus the prison-esque mattress & linens

Before & After pictures will hopefully be up this weekend. Anyone want to donate me some quarters so I can do my laundry? This whole coin-operated laundry room dealio is really starting to get on my nerves.

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