Did I do that?

My husband and I had a series of Steve Urkel moments over the weekend.
Again confirming my superstition that bad things happen in threes.

3 3 3

Well, only two things happened over the weekend. And I'm completely dreading the third disaster which is inevitable. Okay, maybe "disaster" is a little overdramatic.
I'm a Leo, I can't help it.

You know that Ikea bed we stole took off my parents hands? Well, we were just flopping down on it for an afternoon power nap on Saturday and apparently, the old bed just wasn't in the mood to be flopped on. Because the metal center beam completely broke in half! At first we cursed, then we laughed, then we cursed some more.

We were having our friends, Devon & Paul, over for dinner and had tons to do. I was in crazy entertaining mode & needed a quick break, but we had to stop everything and make an emergency trip to Ikea. Either that, or sleep on the futon that night. No thank you.

We bundled up, hopped in the car and made it there in 20 minutes flat. While following all posted speed limits and rules of the road, of course...

We found the replacement beam and were overjoyed that it only cost $10. Those Swedes, don't ya just love 'em? Then we looked at our watches (a/k/a cell phones) and realized it was only 3-something. We totally had time to look around. Instead of just sticking to our list, we also left with 2 new rugs and a magazine holder for the bathroom.
Tell me you don't get sucked into Ikea and I'll tell you you're a dirty liar.

We sped home, patched up the bed and I still had plenty of time to do some prep work in the kitchen. Dinner/wine/dessert/games with our friends was delightful.

After they left, we (let's just be honest, I) started cleaning up. The day before, we noticed that our dishwasher (circa 1970) had some water remaining in the bottom after the cycle was done. Didn't really think anything of it. Maybe something was clogged, it'll drain out.

Rookie, apartment-dweller mistake.

I filled that sucker up with dishes anyway and turned it on. I was at the sink washing pots & pans and all of a sudden my foot was wet. Our dishwasher decided to dump water out all over the floor. At 12:30 am. Lovely.

I turned it off & ran to grab our old bath towels to soak up the mess. My brother Eric recently advised us to save our old towels for situations when our future children barf all over the floor, etc. He is SO wise.

Yes, I did that.

Ugh, what's next?!
Please let it be a hangnail or something.

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  1. Oh that sounds terrible! Our dishwasher acts up ALL the time (circa 2008, what is that all about?!) so annoying! Stuff like that always seems to happen at just the right time doesn't it?!

    On a side note: I always have to plan a day for Ikea, otherwise I'm in trouble! That place is too fun! :)


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