Let's Talk Bachelor: Preseason

A few seasons ago, Brad Womack captured my heart. And then he ripped it out of my chest when he didn't pick either of the two remaining women.

Last season, Jake Pavelka found love. We thought. He accused her of cheating on him. They broke up. And then he verbally assaulted her on live television and they trashed one another in the tabloids.

Who is worse?

It's a rhetorical question. Clearly, Jake! And that's why I'm not opposed to seeing Brad come back for another chance at love. I even set a reminder in my iPhone calendar that the season premier is TONIGHT @ 8 PM ON ABC! That's how pumped I am!

I actually hate the first show of the season though. I can't keep track of all the women. They all look the same and they do stupid things to make a first impression. But after a bunch of them are eliminated right away, it gets goooood.

Let the cat fights begin. Meow!

P.S. I can absolutely guarantee you that Tim will be watching with me. He always puts up a fight at first, and then ends up picking a favorite and gossiping about the show with me! Hehehe.

P.P.S. I will of course be recapping the show & my thoughts every week!

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