Johnny Cash Would Envy My Closet

My wardrobe is mostly black. I'm not an angry, dark person. I just really like wearing black. Even my husband pointed out that I've been wearing a lot of black lately. And he is the KING of dark colors. He even wore all black on Christmas. Gutsy, dude.

However, when I saw an infinity scarf in this daringly bright mustard color, I had to have it. It keeps my neck cozy and makes me look like I'm not going to a funeral. They're not in the pictures because I had to do a self-timer shoot this morning, but I'm also wearing burgundy flats. Color explosion. Watch out.

Warning: crappy photo alert. My digital camera is ancient.

[Scarf: strawberry country/Shirt: forever21/Pants: victoria's secret/Bag: forever21]

I love my new bag (my last bag purchase for a while, or so I promised Tim).

Here it is in all it's pleather glory.

[Roomy enough for a small kitten, not that I have one in there...]

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  1. OH MAN! i must have that scarf. i love it. ur blog is super cutie :) keep rockin it lady!


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