Snow (Ice?) Day Attire

[Dress: target/Shirt: forever21/Tights: target/Scarf: old navy
Belt: goodwill/Breakfast: grapefruit]
So what do people normally wear on a snow day?
Or, an ice day as we experienced today.
Pants, right?
Not this girl. Because I've come to a delightful & life-changing conclusion.
Pants stink.
You heard me.
I. hate. pants. 
And for that, I will make NO apologies!
Tights are far superior in every way. Not because they keep my legs warm or anything. Far from it.
I'm talking about the ease in which they slide into & out of boots.
This is essential since I bring heels to work in my purse & change into them.
When I would wear pants stuffed into my boots, they'd be wrinkly & static-y for the rest of the day.
And it drove me bonkers.
But with tights... easy in, easy out.

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