The Friday Five!

Notice how I made it sound super interesting by throwing in the exclamation point?
You fell for it, didn't you.
Well now I better make it interesting.

1. Bizarre Weather

About an hour ago it randomly started blizzard-ing. Crazy wind, cars were pulling over, it was creepy. And then 10 minutes later it was like nothing ever happened. I hate weather, mainly because I can't control it. And I'm a bit of a Type-A personality. If you haven't already figured that out.

2. Heathers 

Cult classic. Hilarious. Morbid. Brilliant. Watch it.
Then watch it again.

3. Homemade Laundry Detergent

I made it twice & loved it. Then I got lazy and bought a bottle of Seventh Generation that was like $11. I used it up in a month and won't ever buy it again. Total waste of money and I don't even think it worked any better. This is the recipe I used.
Have you ever made your own?

4. Naan Bread

My husband and I have been really into Indian food lately. Tip: if you want to try Indian food, do not go to a buffet. I've made that mistake. Everything looks terrible and you can't tell what is what. Go to a more upscale restaurant that gives descriptions of each menu item. This is how we found what we liked! Naan is a great appetizer and goes with any meal, Indian or not. And a healthier alternative to boring old buttered rolls.

5. Sewing
Oh yeah, remember when I used to do that? Well now that I think about it, I was actually pretty good and I should probably dust off my sewing machine and see if it still works! I'm going to pray for a huge blizzard on Tuesday so I can dig into my bin of scraps and craft something awesome.

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